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  NCSF Foundation Focus

The NCSF Foundation works in the following areas:

  • Advocacy and outreach for adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression
  • Advocacy and outreach to law enforcement, mental health and medical professionals
  • Advocating for sound, scientific research on sexuality and sexual practices, and affirmation of safe, sane and consensual sadomasochism for consenting adults in the psychiatric profession and DSM criteria
  • Direct on-site support in response to government harassment and legal incidents related to SM-Leather-Fetish and alternative lifestyle activities
  • Media campaigns to help change the negative social stigmas associated with SM-Leather-Fetish and alternative lifestyle activities
  • Fighting against all forms of censorship and promoting freedom of academic inquiry on consensual alternative sexual expression.
  • Supporting the issues of other human rights, civil rights, GLBT advocacy and feminist groups.

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